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Victoria East Medical Clinic

Compassion. Integrity. Teamwork.

For over thirty years, our team of family physicians and allied health care workers have served and cared for the Regina community.  Our practice provides medical care to almost 20,000 patients, and is continually growing.  As a leader in community, team-based care, Victoria East Medical Clinic has pioneered the art of medical collaboration, where patient care is coordinated within a team of professionals with many unique skill sets.  

Our facility is fully equipped with two floors, including 14 exam rooms, a treatment room, laboratory, and business office.  We are proud of the standard of care that we offer and prioritize patient safety, privacy, and satisfaction.  As a facility that serves as a "one-stop-shop" for our patients, we set the example for what comprehensive care can look like. We are always looking for ways that we can improve and grow our practice; we strive to always be adaptable, flexible, and current with medical best practices.  

We are proud of the practice that we have built over the years, and look forward to a bright future continuing to serve the community of Regina. 

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