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Victoria East Medical Clinic Policies

Our policies are in place so that we can better serve and protect patients. If you have any questions, please give our office a call and we would be happy to help you.

Clinic Policies: FAQ

Mask policy

We ask that everyone entering our building experiencing respiratory symptoms to bring a medical grade mask. Bandannas, face shields, face masks that have exhalation valves, or cloth masks are not sufficient when it comes to preventing the spread of respiratory illnesses. 

Confidentiality policy

Here at Victoria East Medical Clinic, we take very seriously the privacy and confidentiality of our patients, and follow the Health Information Protection Act.  All physicians and clinic staff respect and maintain the highest standards of patient confidentiality at all times.  We ask that patients show the same respect for other patients.  This means giving other patients space to share their personal information with reception staff, and waiting in line at the front of the clinic to book or reschedule appointments or check in. If you wish to grant access of your medical information to a family member or friend, please speak with reception to complete the form.

No-show policy

Patients may be billed for a missed appointment. If you think that you will not be able to make your appointment in time, please give our office a call to let us know.

Clinic shoe policy

As of January 24/23, all patients entering the building during the wet and winter months are asked to remove their wet and dirty shoes prior to checking in with reception or heading upstairs to lab/ultrasound.  This is so that we can keep our floors clean and safe for  patients and staff. We ask patients to leave their shoes on the shoe racks. Booties can be provided for those with bare feet or come prepared with a pair of in door shoes. 

Zero-tolerance policy

Our clinic is committed to providing healthcare services in a safe environment, free of abuse or violence. Any abuse or violence inflicted on physicians or staff will not be tolerated.

Appointment cancellation policy

If a patient would like to cancel his or her appointment, we ask that reception is notified within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment time. That way, our clinic has more time to offer that appointment time to another patient in need of it.

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