Our Clinic + COVID-19

Prioritizing your health and safety is important to us

At the Victoria East Medical Clinic, we care about our patients and their safety.  During this time, with the global COVID-19 pandemic, we are making changes to how our clinic operates.  Services that we provide to our patients are being modified to balance and maintain patient and staff safety with healthcare accessibility.  We are still available to help.


What we're doing to keep patients safe


Because the residents of Saskatchewan have done well with hand-washing and physical-distancing, our province is able to gradually re-expand in-person health care services.   Beginning May 27, in-person appointments may be booked if necessary through our reception.  To facilitate ongoing physical distancing it is still our preference to "see you" virtually if possible. Patients will be screened prior to entry into the clinic. To avoid crowding patients are asked to bring as few support people and family members in with them as possible. We are limiting numbers of patients in our waiting room and bringing people directly into exam rooms once they are cleaned.

Walk-in Clinic

The walk-in clinic remains open for all people to use. However, patients must call to register instead of coming in person. Walk-in appointments will take place over the phone as possible.  If the doctor feels you should be seen in person, they will call you in when it is safe to do so. The evening walk-in clinic registration opens at 4:30 pm for patients of the clinic, and at 4:45 pm for out-of-clinic patients.  The weekend walk-in clinic hours vary. Please check Medi-map.ca, or call us at (306) 789-4677.

Patient Screening

Every person who comes into the clinic will be screened by our staff for COVID-19 symptoms or exposures. Once you are screened, one of our staff will take you to the appropriate department or examination room.

Safety Precautions

We have committed ourselves to sanitizing our clinic more often and more thoroughly.  We regularly receive updates on the latest news, information, and recommendations on COVID-19 so that we can stay current with our understandings of the pandemic, and how to best protect our staff, physicians, and patients.


How to get tested for COVID-19

Regina has a COVID-19 testing site that patients can be referred to if they feel that they are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19.  Please check the Saskatchewan.ca website for the most up to date testing recommendations and criteria. Patients can call 811 to be referred to the COVID-19 testing site.