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Our Physicians

Dr. D. Cutts  BA  MD  CCFP  FCFP

Dr. E. Hui  BSc  MD  CCFP

Dr. M. Dash  BSc  MD  CCFP Dip. Sports Med.

Dr. M. Alibhai  B. Med. Sci.  M.D.  CCFP

Dr. S. McLaughlin  BSc  MD  CCFP

Dr. A. Houmphan  MD  CCFP

Dr. M. McCollam  MD  CCFP  FCFP

Dr. A. Fong  MD  CCFP

Dr. K. McLaren  MD  CCFP

Dr. T. Hui  BSc  MD  CCFP

We are happy to announce that Dr. Melissa Nicholls-Duncan will be joining our clinic March 20/23. She will be taking over Dr. Chin's patients. She will not be accepting new patients at this time. Her schedule is now available for appointment booking.

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Dr. Gordon Chin

1959 - 2022

Our clinic is saddened by the loss of Dr. Chin, one of our family doctors.

Our clinic is working on providing care for his patients while attempting to find another doctor to take them on more permanently. The physicians at our clinic will continue to monitor incoming documents/results and Dr. Dickson has agreed to see Dr. Chin's patients until December 2022. Starting January 2023, Dr. Jennifer Seaman will locum until the end of March 2023.

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Melissa Nicholls-Duncan will be joining our clinic. She will take over care of Dr. Chin's practice starting March 2023. To book an appointment, please call reception the beginning of March. At this time we are unable to accommodate new patients. 

Click the link to see Dr. Chin's full obituary. 

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