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For information on seeing your family physician, the referral department, your prescriptions, and our nursing department, and more.

Our Services: Welcome

Making an appointment with your family physician

Patients who have a family physician here at VEMC can call our office at (306) 789-4677 to book an appointment with one of our receptionists. At this time, we do not have online booking services available.


The second floor of our building houses a laboratory that is open to all patients.  Medical laboratory technicians work with physicians to manage and coordinate many aspects of patient care. Patients wishing to use the lab are required to call (306) 789-4677 to book an appointment. 

Renewing your prescription

There are a couple of options for our patients in renewing a prescription.  We suggest that if your prescription has expired, book an appointment with your family physician to have your condition reviewed and that prescription refilled. If you cannot get an appointment prior to running out of medication then contact your pharmacy and ask them to send us a prescription refill request.

Dr. Dash Sport Medicine

Dr. Megan Dash is a MSK-trained family physician who works with athletes and non-athletes alike for any joint or muscle concern excluding neck and back.  She also offers Cortisone ($20), Durolane ($440) and PRP ($550) injections. If interested in getting back to feeling like your normal self, please have a referral sent.

Contacting our nurses

Victoria East Medical Clinic has a strong nursing staff who offer reliable medical, administrative, and communication support to our patients and physicians.  They are always available and happy to answer questions that patients have.  Simply call (306) 789-4677 and one of our receptionists will help you get in touch with a nurse.

Victoria East Radiology

Victoria East Medical Clinic has partnered with Victoria East Radiology to better serve our patients. Victoria East Radiology offers ultrasound for patients when referred by their family physician.  This office can be reached at (306) 559-7226.

Referral Department

Our referral clerks work to ensure that patients' referrals are swiftly coordinated with other services or specialists' offices.  If patients have questions, please call (306) 789-4677 and ask for referrals.

Psychology + Counseling Services

As part of our comprehensive care philosophy, we offer the counseling services of social workers and psychologists for patients of the clinic when referred by their family physician.


Victoria East Medical Clinic offers professional counseling from a registered dietitian for patients of the clinic. These services are coordinated by a patient's family physician.

Community Health Nurse

Victoria East Medical Clinic is proud to offer the services of a community health nurse. She works closely with our pharmacist to assist in the care of our diabetic patients.  To find out more, please speak with your family physician.


Victoria East Medical Clinic offers professional counseling from a pharmacist for patients of the clinic.  Our pharmacist can assist with things like medication review, or questions about new medications.  These services are coordinated by a patient's family physician.

Chronic Disease Management

Victoria East Medical Clinic family physicians offer team-based multi-disciplinary chronic disease management.  Services include diabetes education and management, COPD and asthma clinics, as well as additional testing for heart disease. Patients are referred to these services by their family physician.

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